Coming across with the situation of an unplanned pregnancy will be the hardest thing you will facing. There will be a lot of emotions that will develop inside you. You will feel worried, anxious and surprised. Thoughts about your career and family will pop up in your mind too. This might be very challenging for a single woman who is not financially independent.

However there are certain ways which can help you deal with an unplanned pregnancy:

Talk to your partner: Discussing with your partner will let you know how both of you feel about this. Maybe, he might be taking this in a very different way then you are. Talk about everything regarding your career and responsibilities

Be emotionally strong: You got to be more emotionally and mentally strong to deal with this situation. You need to think about the ways of dealing with it and handle it strongly

Get an appointment: Make an appointment with the doctor to be informed and about how to go about this.

Get consoled: Tell your friends and family about this if you are not sure and ask them how to go about this, you will find more ways to deal with it. Ask them to keep this confidential until your final decision is made.

Get counselling: Try and talk to a counsellor if you are confused or in a tough situation. Ask your partner to get counselling done too, because it will be better for the both of you to avoid any sort of conflicts. Even if you are clear with your decision then it would still be better to talk to a counsellor so that you don’t regret anything later. This will also help you get through the mixed feelings you are going through.

Having a life inside you is a great feeling. Sometimes an unwanted pregnancy will not lead to an unwanted birth. Research shows that an unplanned pregnancy creates huge impact physically and psychologically on the women. If you are facing this situation then taking the help of a therapist and talking it out with people will be the best solution.

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